Top 6 Best Things About Living in Spruce Grove

The City of Edmonton may seem like the place to be, but if you’re researching options for your new home, the quieter city of Spruce Grove is definitely worth a second look. It’s a smaller community that’s seen plenty of growth over the years. It offers residents most of the same advantages of an urban centre while still maintaining a small-town feel. As you learn more about the best things Spruce Grove has to offer, you might find it’s the perfect community for you.

Home Prices

The first thing you’ll notice as you explore Spruce Grove is that home prices tend to be much more affordable than the options you’ll find in Edmonton. That’s great news if you’ve always wanted to have a place of your own but are struggling with the higher Edmonton price tag.

Spruce Grove offers a wide variety of home choices. Some people love the lower prices of resale homes, but choosing Spruce Grove often makes a brand-new home become more affordable. For those who don’t want to fuss over outdoor work may be interested in a maintenance-free townhome like the Fremont in McLaughlin.

Top 6 Best Things About Living in Spruce Grove Pond HockeyRecreation

No matter what type of activities they enjoy, Spruce Grove residents don’t have to travel far to have fun. The Agrena is composed of both the Grant Fuhr Arena and the Stu Barnes Arena. Here you’ll find ice rinks in the winter and dry land areas for summer sports. This is the place to go for many organized sport activities, and parents appreciate their ability to use the free wi-fi when kids are at practice. 

The TransAlta Tri Leisure Centre allows people of all ages to stay fit. They offer personal training, fitness classes, and children’s activities. Throughout the small city, you’ll also find a golf course, baseball fields, a skate park, and tennis courts. There is truly something for everyone.

Shopping and Other Amenities

In Spruce Grove, you’ll realize quickly that you can easily get just about everything you need right in town. There are grocery stores, chain restaurants and locally owned restaurants, big box stores like Home Depot, and other small specialty stores. You can see a doctor, buy a car or catch a movie at the Landmark Cinema. Should you need a bit more variety, West Edmonton Mall is only a 15-minute drive away.

Top 6 Best Things About Living in Spruce Grove Park imageParks and Green Spaces

The countryside environment makes Spruce Grove the perfect spot for those who love the outdoors. The city is dotted with small neighbourhood parks and playgrounds as well as larger areas with more amenities. At Central Park, for instance, there’s a first-come-first-serve fire pit for those chilly fall nights. 

Jubilee Park offers plenty of picnic areas and a fun play structure for the kids. If you’re more interested in hiking, head over to Heritage Grove Park. Here, you’ll find all-weather trails connecting the various neighbourhoods throughout the city.

The Arts

People mistakenly assume once you exit the city’s boundaries, you leave all access to the arts behind. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Spruce Grove has a vibrant arts scene that residents enjoy. The Horizon Stage Performing Arts Centre is home to the local community theatre troupe and features a variety of artistic performances throughout the year. You can also see the works of local artisans at the art gallery run by the Allied Arts Council. 

An Easy Commute

Those who work in the downtown Edmonton area are naturally concerned about the increased commute times that come with living outside of the city limits. What’s great about Spruce Grove, though, is it’s easy to hop onto the Yellowhead Highway, which will lead you to the Anthony Henday and other major roads in Edmonton. 

In fact, it’s only a 30-minute commute to downtown Edmonton, which is only a few minutes more than the commute from some of the other popular communities located a bit closer to the city. When you consider the lower costs of home ownership in Spruce Grove, you’re likely to find a few extra minutes of driving isn’t a major deterrent. 

You won’t know if Spruce Grove is the right place for you until you take a day to come visit. While you’re here, stop to see the show homes in McLaughlin. You’ll be surprised by how affordable a new home can be.

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