The Perks of Working With a Design Centre

When you choose StreetSide Developments for your home, you get the advantage of a builder with an expansive design centre. Building a brand-new home gives you the opportunity to make your own selections in materials and style, but it’s in designQ that you can truly see what all of these choices look like.

DesignQ houses samples of all the products and materials you can use in your home build. We understand that it’s impossible to visit every show home in the Edmonton area, so having one spot with everything you need is a big convenience. 

Learn more about how a design centre can help you create a home that looks great.

Getting Ideas for Your Home

Some people go into the home buying process with a strong sense of what they are looking for. Many others, though, don’t really know where to begin. Browsing through show homes is a good way to get started, but a single home can only showcase one product. In a design centre, you’ll be able to get a full range of ideas. For instance, you might know you want laminate flooring, but here you’ll be able to see all the different shades and styles.

Looking at the Alternatives

The design centre can also help you see what some of the alternatives are. Builders often create show homes that appeal to the majority, but this may not be your style. If you hate the look of the fixtures you keep seeing in show homes, you’ll see a bigger array of alternatives in the design centre. This is true of every other little detail as well.

Perks of Working With a Design Centre Plumbing ImageSeeing Large Samples of Your Options

Some builders have you make design decisions based off of small samples they’ve attached to a board. The samples may only be a few square inches. In the case of things like cabinets, you may only be looking at a small section. This makes it hard to make an informed decision. However, in the design centre, you get to see much larger samples of your options. Most people prefer this type of experience. 

Having Time to Browse Alone

You don’t want to feel pressured into making a quick decision. This can happen with builders who have the small sample boards. DesignQ has special times when buyers can browse the samples on their own terms. You can make a few notes about the materials you think you like, then go home and research those materials more thoroughly online. You’ll feel confident that you’re making an informed decision about your choices.

understanding-customization-process-designQ-cart-imageComparing Materials Side-by-Side

When it comes to building a home, it can be difficult to compare materials side-by-side. For instance, one show home might have vinyl planks for the flooring while another has hardwood. They don’t look that different at first glance, and you might struggle to remember what the other one was like when you’re standing in a show home. At a design centre, though, you can take out samples of your options and look at them side-by-side. You can get a better sense of the differences and what types of advantages one might offer over another. Again, this allows you to feel more confident in the choices you’re making.

Meeting with a Design Professional

Builders who have design centres also make use of professional interior designer. When you’re selecting your materials, you can use your designer to get important advice. Your designer can help you decide which materials might work best for your family and which colours will work well together. The designer will also point out when you might be making a mistake, such as the tile backsplash you choose clashing with the shade of the wood of your cabinets. That might seem like a small thing, but making a bad decision can lead to many years of regret. You want to be happy with the home you buy.

Home design centres give you a far better glimpse of the choices you can make as you build your home, but not all builders have this feature. If you are focused on creating a home that looks as beautiful as possible, you’ll want to select a builder that uses a design centre. Come take a look at designQ to see what you’ll be getting when you choose StreetSide as your builder.

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