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What You Need to Know About New Home Warranty

The warranty that comes with a brand-new home is very attractive to anyone who isn’t ready to take on a lot of home maintenance projects. It’s one of the main reasons why home buyers choose new homes over resales. Despite the security warranties provide, it’s important for you to understand what is and isn’t covered, and a good builder will be able to answer any questions you may have.

The Alberta New Home Warranty Program

StreetSide is proud to participate in the Alberta New Home Warranty Program (ANHWP). The ANHWP warranty covers different aspects of the home for various time frames, called the “1-2-5-10” coverage: 

  • Year 1: Defects in labour and materials 
  • Year 2: Defects in the distribution systems (mechanical systems) 
  • Year 5: Defects in the building envelope (the “shell” of your home)
  • Year 10: Defects in the structure of the home (any load bearing part)

The ANHWP website has a lot of information to help you understand what you’re getting when you buy a new home.

Beyond the Basics

Your home warranty will cover many of the major things that could go wrong with a new home, but this won’t be the only warranty you get. For instance, you’ll probably get warranties for all of your kitchen appliances and your washer and dryer. The coverage for each of these items varies, but most will be good for at least a year, and some will cover repairs over a much longer period of time. 

It’s important to look at the warranties when making decisions about which products to use in your home. For instance, you might find one product is slightly more expensive but comes with better coverage. Keep all of your documents in a binder so you can always access them when you need them.

What You Need to Know About New Home Warranty Hand Shake imageTalking to Your Builder

A good builder will be more than happy to answer any questions regarding the warranty that comes with your new home. Ask questions about what types of things the warranty will cover – and what types of things it won’t cover. You should also be able to find plenty of easy-to-understand material right on their website for you to do your own research.

What Might Not Be Covered 

In many cases, warranties won’t cover damage you cause on your own. For example, the warranty for your laminate floors will cover the cost of replacement should the boards start warping due to a product defect. However, it won’t cover replacement if the damage is caused by not cleaning up a spill. While a reputable builder will help in any way they can, there’s no guarantee they will make repairs if the damages are a result of the home owner. 

Fewer Worries in New Condos

Of course, low home maintenance is the best part of owning a brand-new home. Those who choose to purchase a condo have even less maintenance to worry about. A condo board will take care of all of the maintenance on the grounds around the condo, and the building exterior. If you lead a busy lifestyle, it may be helpful to remember this when it comes to deciding between a condo or single-family home as condos almost always mean less work for the homeowner.

Your new home’s warranty keeps you protected. At StreetSide, we’re always happy to explain to each and every home buyer exactly how home warranty works and what they can expect from us. After all, we believe you deserve the best and we think you should too.

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