August 22, 2017|Townhomes|

8 Benefits of Living in a Townhome

During the home search process, people often overlook the possibility of purchasing a townhome due to various misconceptions about what it’s like to live in one. Yes, you do share a wall with your neighbour, but in some ways, they’re better than single-family detached homes.

Here a few benefits of living in a townhome you may not have thought about. 

1. Affordable Price

A townhome is almost always going to be more affordable than a single family home. Even though the price tag is lower on a townhome, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to sacrifice space. Take our Virginia model for example: this 2 story townhome offers 1415 sq. ft. of living space + an optional 591 basement development plan. With a townhomes lower price tag, it’s also easier to come up with a down payment, so you can own your home earlier. Price-conscious shoppers definitely need to consider the possibilities of a townhome.

Harley Kitchen2. Attractive Designs

Brand-new townhomes are built with all of the same modern amenities you might expect to find in any other new-home build. Streetside townhomes feature quartz countertops throughout, vinyl plank & laminate flooring and stylish kitchen backsplash. Whether your style is modern farmhouse, industrial or traditional, StreetSide offers a variety of colour boards to choose from. A pre- sale option also gives you the freedom to pick & choose your interior finishing while you home is being built!

3. Low Maintenance

Lets face it, Alberta winters can be long. If shoveling snow is on your ‘I’ll get to it later’ list, a maintenance free townhome could be a great option for you. A maintenance free townhome offers the convenience of a low maintenance lifestyle. Exterior maintenance and repairs including snow removal & lawn maintenance is all taken care of for you. This is a great option for those who work out of town or like to travel. 

Fee simple townhomes are also a good option for those looking for low maintenance without a condo fee. With smaller more maintainable yards, you’ll spend less time with upkeep and have more time to do the things you love. 

4. Sense of Community

Hey, neighbour! Since residents of townhomes live closer together, it’s easier to develop relationships and get to know one another. Developing a sense of community makes your house feel more like ‘home’. Which leads us to reason #5, safety.

5. Safety

Having neighbours live closer to you has its added benefits. With more eyes and ears around, it help’s increase your homes security and neighbours can help keep an eye on your property. Townhome communities also tend to be well-lit and often have people walking about. This makes them safer, more secure and less prone to incidents. 

6. Convenient Location

New townhome developments tend to be in areas with a lot of modern shopping & amenities. For example, you’ll find some of StreetSide’s townhomes conveniently located in the SW community of Glenridding. Glenridding is just a hop skip & jump from Currents of Windermere. Here, you can find shopping, amenities and entertainment. Being in a convenient location, you’ll never have to travel far to get the things you need. You can check StreetSide’s other townhome communities here.

9 Benefits of Living in a Townhome Rec Centre image7. Community Amenities

Townhomes are located in planned communities, which often means you’re able to take advantage of certain amenities throughout the community. For instance, there might be rec centers, walking trails, or playgrounds you can use whenever you like. For example, in the SE community of Tamarack, you’ll find Meadows Community Rec Centre. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy sports, recreation, social and cultural activities.

8. Equity

Best of all, purchasing a townhome gives you the opportunity to build up some equity. The monthly payments you make on your mortgage are definitely better than the monthly payment you might make on a rental or a more expensive single family home. If you’re ready to move on in a few years, you’ll have a home that’s attractive to other buyers and can use the equity you built up toward your down payment. You’ll no longer feel like you’re throwing money away.

Townhomes aren’t right for everyone, but they’re a fantastic option for many. If you haven’t seen a modern townhome, it might be time to stop by for a visit. At StreetSide, we’re sure to have a townhome style and community that’s right for you. Connect with us today to learn more.

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