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Have questions related to a specific new Edmonton condo, townhome or bungalow development? Please contact our new home sales team directly by selecting the community you are interested in below.


Altius Townhomes

Altius Glenridding
Deborah Smith
1203 163 st
Phone: 587.855.1154 or

Altius Skyview
Paula Tomko
12815 Cumberland Rd NW
Phone: 587.855.1284 or


 Altius Cy Becker
Dave Rolfson

165 Cy Becker Blvd
Phone:  587.855.4395 or

Altius McLaughlin
Andrew Manyluk

50 McLaughlin Drive
Phone: 587.855.1292 or

Altius Graydon Hill
Amir Chang
1005 Graydon Hill Blvd
Phone: 587.855.4294 or

Altius Crystallina
Nadine Kamleh

17832 78 st
Phone:  587.855.5440 or


Altius Tamarack
Trista Shewfelt

1530 Tamarack Blvd
Phone:  587.855.4083 or


Altius Uplands
Tricia Urick

19762 26A Ave
Phone: 587.855.4311 or

Aloft Condos

Aloft Skyview
Faye Boxrud

12804 140 Avenue NW
Phone: 587.805.0110 or

Crossroads of Rutherford
Terry Reyner

1818 Rutherford Rd
Phone: 587.200.6089

Windsor Estates
Faye Boxrud

511 Queen Street, Spruce Grove
Phone: 780.962.6162 or

Aloft Tamarack* COMING SOON
Dave Rolfson

1506 Tamarack Common
Phone: 587.200.6089 or

Triumph Bungalows

Triumph Windermere
1806 Ainsle Court, Edmonton
Phone: 587.805.4041 or

Triumph Ambleside
7115 Armour Link, Edmonton
Phone: 587.805.4005 or

Triumph Edgemont

Phone: 587.200.6694 or

Triumph Cavanagh

Phone: 587.200.6698 or

For general inquiries please contact:

PHONE: 780.463.1126
3203 93 St NW, Edmonton, AB    T6N 0B1