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5 Tips to Ensure a Successful Home Search

successful-home-search-questions.pngThe search for a new home doesn’t have to be daunting. You simply need to have the proper preparation. That means knowing where to look and what to look for. Looking in the right communities for your lifestyle, talking to builders about your specific preferences, and visiting their show homes to see which model you like best will make your search that much easier.

In Edmonton, finding a home and starting a new life has never been simpler. There are dozens of new and growing communities that stand out. There are new homes ready for move-in that have never seen a tenant. There are show homes ready to viewed, quick possession options, and preferred lenders available. You will find community specialists and expert builders who have played a hand in creating these communities, making them exceptional resources.TAMARACK JUNIPER KITCHEN

These communities do not require real estate agents. Imagine a home search that doesn’t mean exploring a structured market of listings, one that eliminates traveling here and there to find a home. Instead, discover Edmonton and its growing, safe communities and the close-knit families maintaining its vibrancy.

Here are five tips that will not only simplify your home search, but they will also demonstrate why living in Edmonton is the first step to an exciting new life.

1. Determine Your Budget

This will, of course, be the biggest consideration. How much you can afford to spend will determine the type, size and even where you can buy a home. A good idea would be to get a pre-approved loan from a lender that has experience working with these communities and their builders. With that, you have peace of mind knowing exactly what you’re working with.

2. Create a Needs vs. Wants Checklist

Put together a list for your vision of a perfect home. Make it as extensive as you want. Lake side views? Short commute to the city? Playgrounds? No back yard, no garage? Even if you aren’t likely to afford everything on the list after you have written it all down, you will be able to better distinguish between your “wants” vs your “needs”. This will put you in a better position to know what features are a necessity, and which ones you can live without.

3. Decide on a Location

If you have an idea of what quadrant of Edmonton you want to live in, visit those regions. Research the communities or speak with the local community or area manager about your checklist. Arrange a tour of show homes. You are going to find Edmonton offers diverse home styles, beautiful creeks, soothing lakes and a lifestyle that complements both city and small town tastes.

successful-home-search-house-computer.png4. Perform Due Diligence

During your research, write down important notes and concerns. Ask any and every question you can think of. How far is the nearest elementary school? How are noise levels between homes? Are the water, heat, cooling and ventilation units efficient? How long is the typical new home build time frame? It’s your responsibility to understand what the community and builder or home have to offer.

  • Lots. Do you care if your new home faces the sun or do you prefer shade? Are you in the market for a patio or would you rather not deal with its upkeep? How close do you want to be to a library, fishing or campgrounds? Edmonton offers it all, but the lot of choice will be critical to matching your requirements.
  • Lifestyle. Consider both your present and future home needs. You don’t have children now, but one day you may need good schools and day care. You’re going to want to know where the closest shops, grocery stores, restaurants are. The good news is Edmonton communities are uniquely designed to put you exactly where you need to be.
  • Accessibility. What major roads and highways get you into the city, to golf courses, mountains, local family attractions or other sites? Do you need fast access to Edmonton’s public transportation system? Look at what you’re doing now and what you want your quality of life to be in the future.

5. Look at the Amenities

Make sure you know what’s included in the purchase price, especially if you’re looking at a condo. Is parking part of the package? Are utilities separately metered so that you’re not liable for any portion of your neighbour’s utility charges? Does your home include the finishes you’re seeing in the show suite?  This will help you avoid any surprises when it comes to hidden costs.

From qualified specialists that know how to align your vision with reality and reputable builders noted for their work in Edmonton and beyond, finding your dream home is easier than you think. Follow the tips listed above and you’ll be sure to have a successful home search.

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