new-home-trendsToday’s millennials are finding with increasing rent rates that it may be time to make an investment in their future and purchase their own home. However, many aren’t looking for the same traditional homes as their parents. While the desire for their own space is appealing, many young buyers are in the midst of careers, busy social lives, and starting a family, and just don’t have the time for the upkeep of a large property.

But there is good news! There are exceptional options on the market to give this type of buyer exactly what they need.

The Millennial Buyer

Today’s first time-buyers are looking to purchase homes that suit their lifestyle, which is exactly why condominiums have taken off as a popular housing trend. Edmonton and other major cities have seen a rise in condo developments that provide all the features and the space but don’t require a lot of time as far as maintenance goes, leaving the homeowner free to do whatever they like with their spare time.

Condo Perks

A condo is the most realistic choice if you work long hours at your job, like to travel or just find yourself really busy. The time you spend at home can be relaxing and rejuvenating, not taken up with yard work and home maintenance chores. When you have a maintenance-free condo or townhome, it enables you to travel without worrying about leaving home and finding someone to mow your lawn or shovel your driveway.  Or perhaps you’re ready to start a family.  Life is busy enough balancing family, work and play; you don’t need to add extra tasks to your plate.

With traditional homes, whether brand new or pre-owned, unexpected expenses can pop up pretty regularly. Exterior maintenance, regular painting, and roof replacement adds up to a lot of money during the life of the home. Keeping up with the lawn, garden and fencing is a time-consuming job. One problem with owning a traditional suburban home is that you never know when a repair will be needed, or how much it’s going to cost.  When you live in a condo, you have none of the exterior maintenance challenges of a traditional home.

What About Condo Fees?

Owners of condominiums will be charge monthly condo fees to take care of the cost of outside maintenance, insurance and reserve fund, though depending on the condo the fees may also cover extra amenities. The fees vary depending on the size of the condo, how many units are in the complex, and what it covers. With a professional management company to deal with repairs and improvements, living in a townhome or condo frees you up to travel, entertain, or do whatever you like in your down time.

Altius Skyview Townhomes, NW Edmonton

Eclipse-31One of the most popular styles of condominium for younger buyers is the three-storey townhome. It feels homier than a high-rise condo, yet still provides access to nearby shops, parks, libraries and restaurants. Some builders take this concept even further, creating townhomes around urban villages, providing homeowners with easy access to amenities. In the Skyview neighbourhood of NW Edmonton, three-storey townhomes are available in this type of setting. There are 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom floor plans, with up to 2-and-a-half bathrooms. Each home is built atop its garage. You’ll be able to see the lights of the city from the rooftop terrace of one of these modern three-storey townhomes.

Built with easy access to major roadways, these luxurious townhomes are adjacent to the bustling shopping and dining district on 137 Avenue. Parks and green spaces abound, and the neighbourhood is just fifteen minutes from downtown Edmonton. There’s a wealth of fitness, entertainment and dining options in the area, along with nearby museums and libraries. One of the draws of urban living is the ability to access everything life has to offer without a long drive, and the Skyview neighbourhood is a perfect example.

Altius Desrochers Townhomes, SW Edmonton


Currently under construction in the Desrochers neighbourhood of SW Edmonton, these townhomes 

Because these plush new homes are located near a large nature preserve, they combine the best of suburban and city living. These three-storey & stacked townhomes offer 1-3 bedrooms and have a low starting price point of $199k. Shopping, dining, and other appealing amenities like a major movie theatre are conveniently located nearby.have flexible floor plans to suit everyone from singles to families. All of these homes feature attached garages with inside access and exterior exits.

Owning a home is a fantastic investment and will give you the space you desire. As a busy professional, you need a home you can step right into without a hassle, and it’s never been easier to start enjoying the benefits of comfortable and convenient city living.


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