Winter Hacks You Gotta Try Woman Featured ImageThanks to the premium materials used in new builds, your new home is going to be warmer than any other home you’ve lived in. However, there are still some things you can do for some extra warmth and comfort this season. 

Here are a few helpful hacks to help you take a stand against old man winter. 

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Make It Easier to Clean Off Your Car

Why waste time with snow brushes when you can simply lift the snow off of your car? Spread a windshield cover over the windshield before the snow starts. When you need to get going, you simply lift it off, along with all of the snow.

De-icers can also help you get the ice off of your windshield by melting the ice quickly, and flipping your wipers out prevents them from freezing to the windshield.

Use Ceiling Fans to Spread Warmth

While your ceiling fans provide you with a cool breeze during the warm summer months, did you know they can also help make your home warmer? Simply change the direction of your fan blades to clockwise and they’ll push the warm air settled at the ceiling out and down along the walls. This is a cost-effective way to warm up and reduce your heating costs at the same time. 


Prepare Your Car for Emergencies

Since Edmonton roads are unpredictable at the best of times, it never hurts to be prepared – especially in the winter. Pack yourself a car emergency kit that includes an extra blanket, road flares, and a bag of kitty litter to give you some traction for getting out of the snow. You may also want to consider throwing in a few granola bars just in case. 

Upcycle Old Sweaters

Think you’re done with that ugly Christmas sweater from your Aunt Edna? Think again! With a little ingenuity, it’s very simple to create DIY sweater socks or even sweater mittens. Not only will they keep you warm, but they’re a guaranteed one-of-a-kind gift, too. 

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Take Some Vitamin D

Since Vitamin D comes from the sun, Edmontonians can find themselves seriously lacking during the shorter winter days. Fortunately, you can purchase VItamin D over-the-counter and take some every day to help combat the winter blues

Don’t Let the Snow Get too High

When the temperature drops and the snow begins to fly, most of us would rather stay inside. However, you let the snow get too high, you’ll have a hard time cleaning it up – meaning you’ll likely be stuck with an uneven sidewalk or driveway until spring. Pay attention to the snow build-up. If you’re shovelling, you probably want to clean the driveway a few times during a heavy snowfall. If you have a snow blower, you can wait a bit longer, but look up the limits of your machine. Some won’t work once the snow reaches a certain level.


Get Rid of Static

Static is most prominent in winter and while a good humidifier can help with static by reducing dryness, sometimes you may need a bit more help. Dryer sheets are a surprisingly cheap solution. Rubbing them over your clothes will reduce the static cling and you can even run a sheet over your hair to prevent flyaways.

Invest in New Long Underwear

Traditional long underwear is bulky and doesn’t always look great under your clothes. If you haven’t shopped for new long underwear in a while, it’s time to take a look at what’s available. Modern styles are thin but still provide the warmth you want. In fact, you can even buy some clothes that have an electric heating element similar to a heated blanket inside. If that’s not a great way to stay warm, we don’t know what is! 

As an Albertan, you’re not phased by a little snow, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a more comfortable winter. Put a few of the above tips into practice over the next few months and not only will you be able to tolerate the cold – you might even enjoy it (maybe)!

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