What Are My Upgrade Options with StreetSide? Featured ImageWhen you’re thinking about building a new home, you know you’ll probably have to pay a bit extra to upgrade some of the features. Maybe you already have some ideas about what features you’d like in your home, but it’s helpful to get a better sense of all the options available.

For this reason, we’ve put together a list of some of our most common (and popular!) upgrades to help get you started.

Kitchen 2Upgrades in the Kitchen

We start in the kitchen because this is the room where people tend to choose the most upgrades. StreetSide offers quartz countertops included in the kitchen and bathroom. If the builder you’re exploring does not include this – you may look at upgrading this feature. Some people choose to select an option outside of our standard offering. Some people are even choosing to have a silgranit sink rather than the traditional stainless steel one. This can have a more integrated look with the countertop.

You might also upgrade to cabinets that reach the top of the ceiling, adding crown moulding or a riser for a more modern look. This upgrade is incredibly practical. You get extra storage space, and you won’t have to worry about dusting!

Perhaps, though, you’d rather spend your money on upgraded appliances. You could select stainless appliances or ones with special features such as smart technology.

VIRGINIA FIREPLACEUpgrades in the Great Room

Ready to head into the great room? Start by looking at the fireplace. StreetSide offers 4 unique electric fireplace options you can add to your home. Want to jazz it up a bit? Add a vinyl plank, tile or feature paint to it! These gorgeous designs lend ambience and warmth to the room. Many builders do not allow for fireplace additions unless the home is sold in pre-construction, so check on this features availability. 

Create visual interest and add a focal point in your great room with one of StreetSides 12 different feature wall options. From Shiplap to brick, StreetSide has put together the most popular options for your great room. Ask an Area Manager for more information on these gorgeous options. 

Upgrades in the Bathroom

Ensuite 2You already get quartz countertops in the bathroom, so no need to do an upgrade here. These low maintenance counters are a great way to give the room a spa-like feel. You could also opt for an upgraded shower or tub: perhaps a deep soaker tub or an oversized shower with a built-in bench.

Perhaps the most popular upgrade in the bathroom, though, is to include extra drawers for storage. It’s a simple and inexpensive upgrade that’s likely to greatly increase your satisfaction with the room.

Upgrades in the Bedrooms  Master Bedroom 2 2

Yes, there are potential upgrades in the bedroom too. One of our most popular upgrades are the feature walls we mentioned you can add to the great room! From as low as $1,500 this draws eyes right to the back wall and makes the room feel larger.  Some people, though, are choosing to have vinyl plank flooring in the bedrooms instead of carpeting. This can give the room a more traditional look because it has the look of hardwood. This type of upgrade can only be added if the home has not yet started construction, however, so please check with an Area Manager if a flooring upgrade is one you’re considering. 

Are Upgrades Necessary?

As you make decisions for your new home, you know you want a certain look. You may even be expecting to pay a little extra just to get the little details you’ve been dreaming about. Surprisingly, though, some builders choose to include features others consider upgrades as part of their standard package. 

For instance, all of the homes in Aloft Tamarack come with vinyl plank throughout (that’s right, no carpet!), quartz countertops and stainless steel appliances standard. If you choose one of these models, you won’t have to pay extra for the things you want!

How can you get everything you want while keeping the price within your budget? Start by making a list of your wants and needs. Then talk to one of our Area Managers about which homes come with these features as part of the standard package. You might be surprised by how affordable a new home can be.

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