At StreetSide we strive to ensure that every home is built to meet or exceed the standards and quality in materials set out by the Province’s building code. Despite our efforts, the inherent complexity of home construction lends itself to occasional issues.  That's where our outstanding Service & Warranty team comes in!


Emergency Contact


IMPORTANT: For life threatening emergencies (fire/medical/police), always call 911.

For emergencies (day or night), please call
our 24-hour, dedicated Emergency Hotline:

StreetSide Developments defines an Emergency Service situation as follows:
  • Gas leak
  • Total loss of electricity (ensure no local power failure)
  • Total loss of heat
  • Total loss of water
  • Plumbing leak (requiring entire water supply to be shut down)
  • Total stoppage of plumbing sewer system
  • Water Penetration into the home


Service Request Process

We ask that all non-emergency general service requests be submitted in writing.  Possible issues like nail pops and drywall shrinkage cracks will be thoroughly addressed all at one time at your 1-year inspection.

Please submit all requests in writing to StreetSide Developments Edmonton via: 

Email:                                      Corporate Office Fax:  780.463.3716