7 Must-Have Items for First-Time Homeowners Checklist imageIt’s tempting to want to put a lock on your wallet now that you’ve purchased a new home, but not so fast! As a new homeowner, there are a few things you may still need to get. If you’ve been living on your own for a while, you probably have a lot of the following items (though you might think about getting nicer versions to go with your new home) but those living alone for the first time should budget for them.

7 Must-Have Items for First-Time Homeowners Tool Box image1. Tools

You might not need power tools like a circular saw, but it’s helpful to have a few small tools around the house. These basics include a screwdriver, wrench, hammer, measuring tape, and set of pliers. If you can afford a bit more, think about getting a power drill, which will allow you to put your new furniture together in no time, and a level, which will ensure your new artwork is hanging correctly.

2. Kitchen Essentials

For many people, the coffee maker is the only essential kitchen item, but you’ll soon find you need a lot more if you’re going to be cooking in your shiny new kitchen. You’ll need a few pots and pans, baking sheets, and maybe a cake pan if you’re just starting out. Other basic kitchen tools you’ll probably want to buy are a vegetable peeler, a set of knives, silverware, cutting boards, a can opener, and measuring cups. 

To save some money, see which of these things you can pick up at the dollar store. They might not be the highest quality, but they can certainly get you through until you’re able to afford something better. 

3. Cleaning Supplies

You’re walking into a brand-new place, and you want to keep it looking great as long as possible. Proper cleaning supplies make this possible. Depending on the type of flooring you have, a vacuum or broom is essential for keeping the floor clean on a daily basis. Mops are good for cleaning any flooring that isn’t carpet. If you don’t have a lot of time, consider splurging on a robotic vacuum that starts automatically based on the schedule you set. 

You’ll also want a toilet brush in the bathroom. People have different preferences when it comes to cleaners. Some like to keep it natural with baking soda and vinegar, while others want the heavy-duty cleaners. No matter what you prefer, be sure to stock up.

4. Linens and Towels

Purchase enough linens and towels to suit your needs. Many people like to have two sets of sheets to alternate as one set is being cleaned. It’s also nice to have different styles for the changing temperatures. Flannel or fleece sheets are so cozy in the winter months, while cotton will keep you cool in the summer. 

As you think about buying towels, remember you’ll need bath towels and hand towels. Don’t forget an extra set for the second bathroom, and it’s helpful to have a few dish towels in the kitchen. If you care about the environment, try to purchase several small washcloths for the kitchen. This is better than using paper towels for wiping up spills. 

5. Bathroom Items

Of course, you need to start with shower curtains, a bath mat, and a place to put your toothbrush. Your home will come with towel hangers in the bathroom, but some people find they want a few more. Most importantly, get a plunger. You might not want to keep it in the bathroom, but you don’t want to have to run to the store for the first time you need one.

6. Safety Items

You want to be sure to have a few safety items in your new home such as a basic first aid kit with items such as bandages and antiseptic. Keep a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen. Note the expiration date, and replace it regularly. Your builder probably included smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, but some people like to have more around the home than the standard amount. Finally, if you are moving into a two-storey home or will be living on the upper floor of a condo, consider getting an emergency ladder that will allow you to escape in the case of a fire. 

7. Little Extras

You’ll probably find there are plenty of other little things you’ll want to purchase that will truly make your home your own. Things like art on the walls, furniture, and lamps can really set the tone for the home. Other little details like coasters around the living room can protect your furniture, and protective caps on table legs will protect the floors from getting scratched. Few of these things are necessary, but they add a little something to the home. 

Don’t worry about all the extra money you might have to spend setting up your new home. Most of these items are small, affordable things that will last for years to come.

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