In addition to our 1 year warranty on workmanship and materials, your new home is protected by a broad coverage plan through one of western Canada’s leading warranty providers, Alberta New  Home Warranty.  It protects you against defects for your individual unit and common areas and starts the moment you take possession.

National Home Warranty coverage is provided as follows:

  • 12 months – Covers any defects in materials and labour related to how the home was constructed and materials used. This may include things such as flooring, staircases, baseboards, cabinets, railings and other trim and fixtures,
  • 2 years – Covers defects related to the electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning delivery systems,
  • 5 years – The building envelope is the shell of the home, including the roof and walls. It is the separation between the interior and exterior environments of a building, which protects the indoor environment and facilitates climate control, and
  • 10 years – Major structural consists of the frame, including the roof’s structural integrity, and the foundation.