Condo Living: What To Expect From Your Neighbours imageWhen you’re comparing your choices for a new home, a condo might not initially be at the top of your list. However, there are plenty of benefits to condo living. You won’t have to worry about shovelling your driveway or taking care of the lawn. Condos also tend to be more affordable than detached homes or even duplexes. What’s more is each development has its own set of rules residents must follow to make sure everyone has an enjoyable home.

For this reason, condo neighbours tend to be even better than the ones you might find in a single-family home community. Here are just a few of the many great things you can expect from your neighbours.

Controlled Noise Levels

Condo community bylaws often have strict regulations regarding noise levels. Noise must be kept to a minimum during the evening, and any type of excessive noise is frowned upon. In the past, it was common for noise to travel between the shared walls. For instance, you might have been able to hear your neighbour’s TV set. These days, building techniques and materials have come a long way in reducing any sound guaranteeing you nothing to keep you up at night.

Considerate Pet Owners

Most condo communities allow pets, though there may be a few restrictions on the number and size of animals a person can own. This is great news if you have a pet, but you might worry if you’re not a huge fan of cats and dogs. Fortunately, the pet owners in a condo community recognize they’re living in close proximity to others. They’ll make sure dogs are on a leash and well-behaved. They’ll also be sure to clean up any “messes”.

Condo Living: What To Expect From Your Neighbours imageFriendly Smiles and Good Communication

Condo owners know good communication is essential for those who want to keep the peace. Staying friendly with the neighbours is the best way to avoid potential problems. Once you move in, you’ll find the neighbours are eager to get to know you. They might offer you some tips about life in the area or simply say hello as they’re walking past. Developing these relationships makes it easy to discuss conflicts like parking issues without getting management involved. Don’t be afraid to speak up, and take it in stride when someone informs you of unknowingly breaking a rule.

Home Owners

When you rent an apartment, your neighbours are often other renters. Those living in condo communities, on the other hand, are usually the owners of their unit. In fact, development regulations sometimes prevent owners from renting their units. This is an important difference because homeowners are usually more invested in making the community a better place to live. They’re not going to leave their garbage in the halls or bother other residents. Because they care about maintaining their property value, those in a condo community are more likely to be friendly, respectful, and interested in building good relationships.

Neat Exteriors

Condo owners don’t have to worry about maintaining the common property, but it’s important to keep the exterior of your unit looking great. The condo rules often dictate what the exterior looks like, and they often include restrictions on decorations or rules about storing large items like bicycles outside the door. All of this is done with a goal of creating a uniform look throughout the development to further preserve property values.

Rule Following

The condo’s rules are there to make sure everyone has a good experience. You and your neighbours will all have to follow the rules about parking, guests, and using the common areas. Most condo owners know their behaviour can affect others, so they tend to act in ways they want other residents to act. 

It’s natural to feel a bit apprehensive about living in close quarters with people you don’t know. However, when you visit a development, you’re likely to see the residents are friendly people who would be happy to have you there. Take some time to explore various condo communities to see if there might be one that would work for you.


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