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At StreetSide Developments Edmonton, we're determined to build the best quality and value into your new condo, townhome or executive bungalow, and we could not be more appreciative of every customer who gives us the opportunity to build their new home.  Our entire team, from designers, to construction and project managers, to our dedicated customer service representatives and beyond, is on a mission to build you the dream home that perfectly fits your lifestyle. 

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"Treated like Family."
Mrs. Weidel, Windsor Estates Resident
Submitted April 29, 2015


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"My experience with Qualico has been superb.  The staff have been polite and welcoming in all aspects.  Terry Reyner has shown to be a great representative by keeping me updated at all times and replying to my messages in a timely manner.  All their staff members have replied to my e-mail in a timely manner so I am quite impressed.  I will continue doing business with Qualico and referring my friends and family."

-Crossroads of Rutherford Resident
Submitted April 21, 2015

"This is the first home I have purchased on my own, and I am pleased with the process from start to finish.  I liked the way questions or concerns were answered as well as how problems that came up were resolved.  I felt that I was not on my own, and that I had support and help when needed."
-Crossroads of Rutherford Resident
Submitted January 27, 2015

"Working with Cassandra all these months has been a great experience for me, my wife and kids. Hats off to her team, Jaffar and Claude, too. Cassandra has been a welcoming presence and we as a family are so new to this kind of experience. With her help, I was able to become more knowledge on our very first major investment. She was very concise and knowledgable in her dealings with us and it relieved stress on the family as a whole. I guess there are only 3 words that can describe Cassandra and her team..."above and beyond". "

- The Reyes Family, ALTIUS Skyview Resident
Submitted June 24, 2016

"Dave at Cy Becker was phenomenal throughout the entire process, checked in multiple times after the move to make sure that we were settled in and to answer any of our questions. As it was our first home buying experience, he was very knowledgeable and able to help us with any concerns that we had."

-Ashley, Altius Cy Becker Resident
Submitted December 14, 2017

"From the moment I walked into the show home, I was well looked after by Terry and Danny.  They were each very professional and knowledgeable about the town houses and were able to answer all my questions.  When I came up with further questions through the process, a simple email or phone call was all it took to get answers very quickly.  When I met with one, or both, everything was organized and all the documentation was there and well explained to me. I have since moved into my new town house and am very happy with it.  Terry and Danny made the purchase process as easy as possible and I am grateful to them."

-Rob, Altius Graydon Hill Resident
Submitted February 2, 2016

"As a first time home buyer, Stacey was incredibly helpful at answering any and all questions I had, and has truly gone out of her way to help me through the process to ensure that my experience was a great one! As a result, I now have a great new place to call home. I highly recommend Stacey and Altius Cy Becker for anyone looking for a place in the future."

-Richard, Altius Cy Becker Resident
Submitted December 28, 2015

"It is with pleasure and gratitude that we share comments on our experience with Susan.  We have bought and sold a number of houses, never before have we encountered such a level of EXCELLENCE.  We really appreciate Susan's knowledge and professionalism.  We found working with her a joy.  Susan emanates a sense of TRUSTWORTHINESS that made us feel very secure.  She is a true professional in every sense of the word, and puts the clients interest far above her own.  Susan is a real asset to your company!" 

-Mr & Mrs. Porter, Windsor Estates Residents
Submitted March 10, 2014

"My buying experience has been very good!  My sales lady Terry was very friendly and accommodating.  I will definitely refer this builder to friends and family!"

- Corey, Altius Graydon Hill Resident
Submitted January 7, 2016

"It started off as a routine scouting visit to check the property out. Terry was very welcoming and enthusiastic. She showed us around and explained the ins and outs of living a condo life. Since we were moving in from a house before. Moreover, she was very considerate of the fact that we chose Qualico because of our existing relationship in Fort McMurray with them. Terry's methodical style of functioning and her organization skills was what impressed us. She was practical and honest during our conversation which kept us in good faith. Qualico is the cake, and Terry is the icing! you need both to make it delicious. To truly understand what Terry did to us, I have to quote Mother Teresa to make a point. "If your eyes are positive, you will love the world. If your tongue is positive, the world will love you" ... and that's Terry!  "

-Crossroads of Rutherford Resident
Submitted March 9, 2018

"We had a very good experience buying our home with Susan, she was very helpful and kowledgable and the whole experience went very smoothly.  There was no problem getting the elevator and Nettie gave us a smooth and informed walk through.  They did an excellent job of building the unit, the people here are very friendly and we have been welcomed by everyone.  At this time we have to say we are very pleased with our decision to buy in this building."

-Mr & Mrs. Frais, Windsor Estates Residents
Submitted March 31, 2015

"As a first time home buyer, we are very pleased with our relationship with Qualico.  The entire process went smoothly and they kept us informed along the way.  Their staff, especially Terry Reyner, are very helpful and available to answer any questions.  We absolutely love our new house and we're looking forward to moving in." 

-Crossroads of Rutherford Resident
Submitted February 11, 2015

"This is my first experience purhcasing a property through Qualico.  First impression was good.  The Sales Representative (Terry Reyner) was very cordial and amicable.  At the same time she was well acquainted with the property and its features.  At no point did we feel pressured or intimidated.  On the contrary, she made my wife and I feel at ease and receptive to any questions/concerns we had.  I also liked the "weekly updates" she would send and she also welcomed any questions/concerns I had on the status of the update.  The personnel at the main office were also very receptive.  I was well impressed with their facilities and show room.  Even the food given on the features selection day was great!  Finally, the walk-through with Tammy made the experience very easy.  She was extremely friendly and very knowledgeable on the home inspection.  In summary, my first experience with Qualico went well."

-Crossroads of Rutherford Resident
Submitted February 28, 2015