About Us
As a Qualico Company, StreetSide Developments Edmonton is backed by over 65 years of residential construction experience.  We build great value Edmonton condos, stylish new construction townhomes, and executive bungalows in developing communities in Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Sherwood Park.  With the insight and experience of our parent company behind us, we're able to prioritize maintaining the highest standards of new home and condo construction without sacrificing style or design.  For you, this means a home uniquely designed to meet your needs, and the most incredible value condos, townhomes and executive bungalows in Edmonton, Spruce Grove and Sherwood Park.
StreetSide Developments has divisions in all of the major cities in Western Canada, each of us finely tuned in to the wants and needs of our local communities.  We design homes that complement and fit the personalities and needs of our respective cities.  StreetSide Edmonton comprises a team of very dedicated Edmontonian home designers and project managers and highly skilled, knowledgeable field staff, all working on our mission to build your dream new home or condo in Edmonton!  From your first fresh new townhome to a bungalow that completes your mature lifestyle, we're here to make it happen your way.

Triumph Windermere

At StreetSide we concentrate on the collective strength, passion and experience of our entire team to build your new home.

Our quest to provide you with the home you are looking for starts long before your first visit to a show home.  We endeavor to find the ideal location for your new home; our award winning StreetSide projects can be found in the finest developing communities in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

After finding that perfect location, the detailed design begins and our focus turns to the correct balance of practicality and innovation.  StreetSide homes and condos offer timeless quality and features that define excellent Edmonton real estate and preserve resale values while offering design and details current with new innovations.

Then comes YOU! 

Once the base design is complete we celebrate bringing another great project to the market and we start looking for you, knowing that you are out there somewhere looking for us.  We understand that all home buyers are unique and that our most important work starts the day that we meet.  Your personal list of wants and needs, hopes and fears, plans and goals, timelines and budgets are what matters most to you and our pledge is to get to know you.

Purchasing a new home or condo in Edmonton is very exciting but also an emotional ride.  From the moment you walk into one of our showhhomes, to the day you get your keys and well into the future, we will be here to guide you down the path of new home ownership.  We appreciate the opportunity to work for you and thank you for making it possible for us to do what we love the most...build Edmonton's best new construction bungalows, condos and townhomes.


Our Parent Company, Qualico

The story of how Qualico came to be is the kind that never fails to inspire admiration. It is a story of a strong work ethic, a passion for knowledge, a willingness to take risks and an uncanny ability to understand what the market is seeking. It is a story of opportunities seized - not just once, but again and again over half a century. Both David and Katherine Friesen emigrated to Canada from Russia with their families as children.
The couple met in Winnipeg and were married in 1943. In 1950, together, they took a leap of faith. They built a small number of homes in Winnipeg’s River Heights district and one year later, they founded Quality Construction Co. Ltd. with David as President and General Manager, and built 13 homes; Katherine took responsibility for selling the homes Quality built, as President of Rancho Realty. And from there, they never looked back.